17-0421.12 Treasure Hunt Bracelet

Class Date::
Sat & Sun., April 17 & 18 , 2021, 3pm - 9pm (CST)

Two Sessions


Saturday, April 17, 2021 3pm - 9pm (CST) 30min break

Sunday, April 18, 2021 3pm - 6pm (CST)

Class Description:This class is an exciting dive into the world of Found Object re-purposing. We will cover a myriad of skills, including carving, setting, soldering, sawing, piercework and more! Working in 3 dimensions, we will map out our designs, explore using our diverse materials to create a unique depth, personality and richness, and then round it all out with finishing and polishing. This is an in-depth class to learn new skills and hone existing ones, so bring a sense of humor with you and be prepared to get busy!

Instructor: Storm Rise

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials Needed: 

  • 40mmx40mmx5mm slice of bone  https://www.delsnantuckets.com/bone-rectangle-blanks.html 
  • 40x40mmx5mm tagua nut or another piece of bone or wood
  • 60mmx 30mm x5mm slice of wood
  • 12cm, 24g x 5mm fine bezel wire 
  • 12cm, 5 x 1mm rectangle wire
  • 6cm x6cm, 22g SS sheet
  • 18cm, 18 SS wire
  • 6cm, 16g SS wire
  • Any 3 mismatched stud earring with or without stones
  • 4x4cm, 26g copper sheet

Kits are only to students local to Australia. Please contact instructor directly to inquire. 

Required Tools:  

    • Cross-cut Cylinder Bur 2.0mm
    • Cross cut Cone Bur 0.6mm
    • Sandpaper rolls 220 grit to 3000 grit
    • Flex shaft, micro motor or dremel
    • Tightly fitted N95 (or other mask rated for particulates) mask or respirator (loose face mask not enough)
    • Jewellers saw 
    • #1 blade, #4/o blade and #7/o blade
    • Cut Lube or Bur Life
    • Metal flat #2 file
    • Tape measure, flexible to measure 
    • Riveting hammer
    • Rawhide Mallet
    • Stepped Pliers
    • Flush cutters
    • Hard and Med solder, pickle and flux
    • Mitre Vise