18-0421.23 Dragonscale Peyote Bracelet

Class Date::
Sunday, April 18, 2021, 1:30pm – 4:30pm (CST)

Date: Sunday, April 18, 2021

Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm (CST)

Class Description: Create a peyote bracelet with movement and style!

Join Pamela Kearns in this virtual class and take your peyote skills to the next level with this statement bracelet. Based on peyote chevrons, as the bracelet is worn the chevron centres rise up to resemble scales. The triangular tips are finished with Pip beads (or drops) adding to the dimensional quality of the design. A hidden snap creates the closure. Students may use either size 11/0 or size 10/0 Delica beads (the size 10/0 Delicas will make a proportionally wider bracelet and will work up faster).

Instructor: Pamela Kearns

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Pre-requisite: Students must know how to do basic peyote; experience with tubular peyote and triangular peyote will be extremely useful.

Required Tools:  

• Two or more colours of either size 10/0 or size 11/0 delicas (the exact number will be determined by the final size)
• Pip beads or Miyuki fringe drops in a coordinating colour (or similar shaped drop bead).
• Sewing snap, 3/8″ – 1/2″, any colour
• Beading thread of choice or 6lb Fireline;
• Beading needle to fit your beads.
• Scissors
• Magnification, as needed