20-1021.13s Capturing Nature in Metal Clay - VEC Short

Class Date::
Wed, Oct. 20, 2021, 3 - 4pm (CST)

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, 3 - 4pm (CST)

Class Description: The versatility of metal clay lends itself particularly well to capturing the fine details found in Nature. We’ll look way beyond merely brushing a leaf with paste and look at shells, flowers, tree bark, fossils and even a beehive fragment. We will also explore how to reduce the size of natural objects, so that they can be worn as earrings or charms, and compare positive and negative impressions.

Instructor: Sulie Girardi

Skill Level: All Levels

Required Tools:  

  • No need for tools. Watch, learn and ask questions. 

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