Karen Taverna


Karen Taverna

“Your organic use of materials,and color makes your designs stand out.” Customer, 2017

As a self taught jewelry designer and creator, I have created a style that not only reflects my inner voice and spirit, but one that speaks to the larger world by sharing my love of the natural beauty of our world. It was this sense that drew me to the very hard, soft, hot, cold world of designing jewelry through a class I took on copper cuffs over five years ago. I was quickly enthralled, and began reading, researching, and experimenting with different colors, textures, materials and designs. As my voice grew so did my designs, which led me to my tag line for my business, “get lost in nature and find yourself.” The natural world is where I draw inspiration for color, texture, and form. I can look at a rough rock and see beyond its hard structure to see how beautiful and soft the colors are, how the texture of the worn edges and lines could become a necklace. It is this ability that I am excited to share with other students.

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