Storm Rise

Storm Rise

Storm Rise  has been involved in the jewellery world in one way or another for over 30 years. She started in her home country of New Zealand with wood, bone and stone carving at a young age, working with turned wood that she then hand carved and inlaid with metal and stone, before running away and joining the circus in her early twenties.

Several years and a few countries later, she came back to jewellery to study the more traditional methods of metal work, but never lost her first love of working with organics.

Now she has her own shop in Melbourne, Australia, where she teaches metal smithing arts, along with wire working, cord weaving and of course, bone carving.

Believing we all learn better with a good laugh, Storms classes are relaxed, full of fun and a place where you can put aside your day to immerse yourself in the joy of learning something creative and new.

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