We hope you find this FAQ helpful, just in case we left anything out don't hesitate to reach out to us. Contact

 1. What if I change my mind after I register? Can I cancel my class?

    a. Yes, you may cancel your class by the posted cancellation date for a full refund of the Zoom portion of your registration. See Cancellation Policy.
    b. Kits are shipped up to 2 weeks before the event start date, in this case, if the kit has been shipped, only the Zoom portion will be refunded.

2. What if my internet goes down during a class?

    a. When your internet returns and the class is still in session you may return (re-join) the class and catch up with the missed portion on the recording.
    b. If your internet does not return in time, the recording will be available to you for review.

3. What if the instructor’s internet goes down or there are technical issues?

    a. The protocol is to allow 15 minutes for the instructor to address the technical issue. If after this time the instructor cannot get back online, the class will be rescheduled. The instructor will contact the students with the rescheduled time.

4. Can I take more than one class simultaneously?

    a. YES! the advantage of virtual classes are the recordings.

5. What if I don’t have the required tools but I want to try a class?

    a. Some instructors are offering tool rentals. Please contact them directly.
    b. Tools may also be purchased at www.TheUrbanbeader.com

6. I have never taken a class on Zoom. How does it work?

    a. Zoom is a web-based video conferencing platform that can be used on most devices (computer, tablets, smart phones.)
    b. You will need to download the app to join the classes.
    c. Step by step instructions are available at this link.

7. How do I get access to the recording?

    a. Links will be provided directly to the students by the instructors the day after the class. 

8. If I only watch the class on the recording, can I still contact the instructor if I have a question that wasn’t answered during class?

    a. Please reach out to the instructors directly for any questions you may have regarding the class.

9. Can I purchase additional kits?

    a. Yes, additional kits are available. During the registration step, choose the “kit only” option to purchase.

10. What if I need a little more material to finish my project? (ie longer bracelet)

    a. Additional kits may be purchased when available. 

    b. For a partial kit, please contact the instructor directly to make arrangements.

11. I am located outside the U.S., am I able to take a class and receive a kit? 

    a. Kit prices are inclusive of domestic US delivery. Please contact the instructor directly to arrange for delivery outside the U.S., additional fees may be incurred.

12. Can I have a friend attend a class with me?

    a. You are welcome to watch a class with a friend/s, provided that everyone attending has paid for the class. 
     b. “Viewing parties” of unpaid groups are strictly prohibited, both in fairness to the instructor and to the other students.

14. Why are the classes in Central Standard Time zone?

    a. There are students all over the US and Canada and our instructor are international, our effort was to make this as equitable as possible for everyone.

13. Can I purchase more view time/extension of the recording?

    a. All classes are recorded. Recordings are available for 10 days. However, additional viewing time may be purchased for a fee. Purchase more viewing time.